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Bring Extreme Karaoke to your establishment or event. We have the best produced karaoke shows anywhere. Featuring Friendly KJ's, Top Notch Equipment, The Largest Karaoke Song Catalog Available. This is what makes us Extreme Karaoke!

About Us

Extreme Karaoke", based in Northeastern Illinois, offers a high-energy karaoke experience. We provide a platform for singers of all abilities to perform and revel in music within a dynamic and engaging environment. Our talented singers and diverse song catalog elevate this experience beyond other entertainment options. “Extreme Karaoke” boasts a wide selection of songs and utilizes top-notch, cutting-edge equipment pushing the boundaries of technology, to enhance the singing experience. Our goal is to bring the excitement of karaoke to various events and venues, creating memorable moments for our "Extreme Karaoke" participants in the Chicagoland area. We thrive on hearing you sing—it’s what makes us one of the top karaoke providers in America today. So go ahead, “Sing it extreme!” 🎤🎶

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"Are you ready to rock the mic and show off your singing skills? Look no further than Extreme Karaoke, the ultimate karaoke destination in Chicago! With the biggest and best selection of songs around, you'll be belting out your favorite tunes all night long. So grab your friends, warm up those vocal cords, and's get this kar party started!"

~ Allen

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